Box of Chocolate Cake

Box of Chocolates Cake

My sister’s 28th birthday cake.

There are different elements to this novelty cake:

  • The base which consists of 3 layers of Mary Berry’s chocolate cake recipe, with chocolate buttercream icing.
  • The lid, with bow and tag This was a bit of a cheat (since I had to carry this on the train). It is not actually cake. It is made by taking a thick 8inch cake board and creating an edge around it with cardboard. It is then covered by fondant icing.
  • The roses for added decoration
  • And of course the chocolates themselves. I used Ferrero Rochers since they are my sisters favourite and the gold made a nice contrast.

The Cake

I used Mary Berry’s chocolate recipe (which can be found here). The diameter of the cake is 8inches, and the cake board is 12inches. After baked and cooled, chocolate buttercream icing was used to ‘glue’ the layers together and smooth out the cylindrical shape. Lilac fondant icing was used to cover the base. In order to put the chocolates in a small indent needed to be made to the top of the cake. This was done by cutting a smaller circle off the top layer, so that there is still a ridge. It was then decorated with some stripes, the same colour as the lid and white fondant to look like tissue paper.

IMG_3588The Lid

The lid was made by taking an 8inch thick cake board and cutting an inch piece of card to go around it.I then covered it with purple fondant (the same as the strips on the side of the cake). How to make the bow can be found here.  The bow should be placed on the lid once it has hardened.

Tip: The method for making the bow includes using paper towels to create the shape. I found that using cardboard made into cylinders acts as better support.

The Finishing Touches 

The board was covered with white fondant icing, so not to have the silver foil of the board clash with the gold. This should be done a few days in advance to let the icing harden, making it much easier to handle. I used a smoother to make a clean and level layer. It was finished off with a lilac ribbon. Since I did not have edible glue I used a mixture of icing sugar and a little water to stick the ribbon to the fondant icing. Unfortunately, I used slightly too much and the water did make the ribbon darker in parts.

To make the flowers I useIMG_3548d a petal cutter, a small fondant rolling pin, foam mat and a ball tool. I used a total of 11 petals for the bigger roses and 6 petals for the smaller ones, with the middle petals being a slightly darker shade.

Tip: Use foil as a mould whilst the fondant dries to shape.


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