Archery Scene Cake


IMG_4902Archery Cake

This cake was a simple double layer 8″ sponge cake (Mary Berry’s recipe). After baked and cooled, buttercream icing was used to ‘glue’ the layers together and to smooth out the cylindrical shape. Green fondant icing was used to cover the board and the cake.


The board ideally should be iced a few days in advance to allow for hardening. To ice the board use a brush to lightly wet the board with water. Place the rolled icing and smooth it out with a smoother. If you do not have one use the palm of your hand. As a small finishing I used a white ribbon for the edge of the board. For an 8″ cake it is customary to use a 10″ cake board, however, I only had a 12″ board available.


Icing the cake is the next step. This can be done by decorating the cake on a thin 8″ board and placing it onto the larger board with a cake lifter. Instead I iced the cake directly on the board. This needs to be done carefully as to not drop buttercream icing onto the board, especially if the fondant icing has not hardened. If buttercream does drop onto the board, take as much off as possible (without denting the fondant) and then use kitchen paper and rub the area gently. (This worked for me since I used thick buttercream but I am not sure for wetter icing).

Tip: When I am covering my cake the fondant icing has a tendency to tear. A small trick I use is to roll the icing to a size that is easily transferable to baking paper and then continue to roll onto that. Then roll the icing with the baking paper onto your pin and you can unroll it onto the cake, reducing the chance of tearing.  In addition, it means you need less corn flour since it will not stick to the baking paper.


The details are quite simple. The flowers were made using a flower plunger cutter of different sizes. To add more dimension I curled up the petals a little. You can use edible glue to stick them onto the cake but I use vodka which works very well. Since the board is quite sizeable it is important decorate it also. To keep the archery target upright (the name of which I am not sure of) I covered a cocktail stick with chocolate fondant and stuck it into the cake at an angle and leant the target against it. All of the details (apart form the ‘stems’) can be made in advance.


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