Football Shirt


Chilean Football Shirt Cake

This cake was for my Chilean friend who loves football so I thought this would be the perfect cake. It is the national Chilean football shirt. This cake was a single layer Mary Berry chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream and fondant icing for decoration.


As stated in my previous blog posts the board should ideally be iced a few days in advance to allow for hardening. To ice the board use a brush to lightly wet the board with water. Place the rolled icing and smooth it out with a smoother. If you do not have one use the palm of your hand. As a small finishing I used a dark green ribbon for the edge of the cake.IMG_4757

The shape  was achieved by using a rectangular tin and cutting around a cardboard cutout of the shirt that I had made. As you can see one arm of the shirt is not attached. This was taken from the excess of cake, from the other side of the cake. The arm was ‘glued’ on with chocolate buttercream icing. A small triangle was cut out of the top of the cake to give some dimension for the shirt colour. Then the whole cake was covered in chocolate buttercream icing. This was then covered with red fondant icing. Along the arms I indent the icing a bit to emphasise where the arms would start (another thing to add could have been six pack lines across the body of the shirt).

Tip: As  mentioned in my previous blog, when I am covering my cake the fondant icing, it has a tendency to tear. A small trick I use is to roll the icing to a size that is easily transferable to baking paper and then continue to roll onto that. Then roll the icing with the baking paper onto your pin and you can unroll it onto the cake, reducing the chance of tearing.  In addition, it means you need less corn flour since it will not stick to the baking paper. As a result, the fondant icing retains its moisture and colour.

The details  for this football shirt included the team logo, the sponsor (puma), the shirt collar and the white lines. I added the name for personalising it and filling some space.


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